Perfect Tax and Finance LLC. deals with taxation services for Individuals and Business Owners.

Perfect Tax is a full service Tax Planning company from the year 2003. At Perfect Tax we offer a broad range of Services to Individuals, Professionals, Self-employed and Business owners.

Our Philosophy:
At Perfect Tax we believe that you don’t have to be a Warren Buffet or google to pay least possible in taxes. With the help of our founder Mr.Mahesh Thakkar who has in depth knowledge of tax laws and 39 years of vast experience in taxation field, you can save from $10,000 to $ 5000,000 in lawful tax planning.
Why Perfect Tax?
We offer best-in-class professional services at consummate prices for both individuals and businesses.
We utilize efficient client management systems and tools to ensure seamless and accurate calculations at affordable costs.
We assure excellent service guarantee, coupled with personalized, end-to-end solutions for all your tax needs.
We educate our clients on the taxation laws, benefits and penalties to ensure you make the most of your income and save taxes.
Perfect tax is one of the leaders in foreign compliance such as FBAR and FATCA in the USA
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