5 Types of Social Media Content That Will Get You Results

What is your basic expectation from your social media pages? Engagement, virality, retweets, likes, shares, followers and what else? At Cignitech, we believe that audience engagement is an essential part of any social media publishing strategy. Your strategy to gain followers and keep them engaged is what makes you stand amongst the crowd. If your current social media management doesn’t include these 5 kinds of posts, then it is time you give it a paradigm shift.

Blog Posts Irrespective of the industry your business belongs to, it is always essential to keep your website updated with a bunch of regularly published blog articles. As much as blogs indicate your expertise in the respective area of business, it also makes a great content for your social media pages. Publishing a minimum of 1 blog article per week makes your website look more reliable and more engaging; as well increases your site traffic via quality backlinking.

Infographics Everyone loves infographics because they are attractive, catchy and informative. High-quality infographics coupled with interesting information creates huge user engagement for your brand and can rack up quite a lot of shares. If you don’t have a dedicated graphic designer, there are several infographic design applications on the internet for you to use.

Third-party Posts Any business page that provides quality and informative content to its subscribers is often considered reputable and experienced in that area of business. However, it is not always necessary to share produce and share your own content since it gives an impression to your audience that they are being marketed to.